If you are looking to apply to join the IMA - please click on the "JOIN THE IMA" button. The forms below are for existing members only.

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Licensure Levels

The IMA is an association made up of member ministers. Ministers must renew their membership annually (due January 1st each year). Any member wishing to change their license level must re-apply for that level ("Join the IMA"page for more info). Additional policies may be viewed on our "Member Services" page.

1. Exhorter - One who is a beginner in ministry. (See bylaws Article 1 Section 3:1.a). Exhorters are required by policy to receive minimal religious training or pastoral mentoring, pursuant to the by-laws Article 1 Section 3:1.a (4), before changing their licensing level.

2. Licensed Minister - Any minister who is not ordained who has been qualified to perform sacerdotal duties.  (See bylaws Article 1 Section 3:1.b

3. Ordained - One who is ordained, to perform sacerdotal duties, with supporting valid documentation of date and place of ordination submitted with the application.  (See bylaws Article 1 Section 3:1.c) The IMA accepts ordinations from other associations and individual churches that are in the United States.

Membership fees

Following the 3 licensure levels, the fees are as follows:

1. Exhorter - $125 annual fee

2. Licensed Minister - $225 annual fee

3. Ordained - $250 annual fee.

Additional Fee Accommodations:

1. Active Missionaries - $125 annual fee. An active missionary is a foreign missionary who spends the majority of their time in the country where the mission endeavor is located. In order to be eligible for the reduced fee the missionary must be physically involved on the mission field without secular employment or employment in a local church or religious organization.

2. Golden Ager - $125 annual fee. A Senior Citizen/Golden Ager (our term) who is 65 or older and is not a pastor. Pastors of churches pay the full fee of an Ordained or Licensed Minister regardless of age. In order to receive the reduced fee the applicant must not be the pastor of a church.

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Local churches

The primary expression of the IMA is in a local church - whether at home or on the missions field. As a members-first non-profit association, we are able to provide Federal Exemption coverage to the US-based local churches of our members. Church Renewal Forms and Fees are due January 1st of each year. Failure to submit forms within ninety (90) days of the due date will result in the resignation of your Affiliated Church Status and may require an application for reinstatement.

Church Renewal Fees are based on average weekly attendance:

1. Less than 100 people: $125 annual fee.
2. 100-249 people: $200 annual fee.
3. 250-499 people: $250 annual fee.
4. 500-1000 people: $300 annual fee.
5. 1000+ people: $350 annual fee.