2019 Membership Renewal

2019 Renewal Forms will be sent out to all current members the last week of November. Please return at your soonest convenience and allow 4 to 6 weeks for processing. If you are looking to become an IMA Member, please follow the links for “Join the IMA.”

The Renewals will include:
Letter from the IMA Office
1-page Renewal/Member information Form - please review completely, update any missing info, and answer all questions.
1-page IMA Members Questionnaire - new this year, please review, complete and include with your return mailing.
No. 9 Return Envelope

Online Option:
Click this link to be directed to our IMA Renewals page. There you will find more info and a link to our 2019 Renewals Form. This form will include your membership payment as well as the Questionnaire responses. If you complete the Online Form, you do not need to return any of the mailed materials. The Online Form helps the IMA Office to be more efficient.

Thank you for continuing your IMA Membership!

The IMA exists to promote an association of ministers who proclaim biblical truth and the gospel of Jesus Christ.
— IMA Statements of Clarification, September 2017

The IMA is not just a minister's association, it is a family. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ, and there is a place for you here. Our affiliate churches are not just buildings, they are local groups of like-minded people advancing the cause of Christ! Take a look through our site and get a feel for who we are and what we do. Whenever you are ready, click the "Join the IMA" button in the upper right to take a step with us today.

If you need more information, please contact the IMA Member Services Coordinator, Jim Warner, at any time - 812-550-1240 (call or text) or email imahdq@gmail.com.

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We're an association of ministers who proclaim biblical truth and the gospel of Jesus Christ!
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